Winter Servicing FAQs

What is a winter car check?

A winter car check ensures that your car is ready and prepared for the change in weather. As roads become more hazardous, a winter service with Hodgson Motor Group will focus on six key areas: tyre inspection, battery testing, coolant and antifreeze top-up, windscreen wiper inspection, light assessment and oil level top-up. 

How do you prepare your car for winter?

Winter servicing is an excellent way to prepare your car for the change in weather. It can pre-empt problems, reduce costly repairs and even save you time. As well as servicing to check the mechanics of your car, it is also wise to carry a winter breakdown kit with items such as a torch, a blanket, a hi-visibility vest, screenwash, food and drink supplies, a scraper and de-icer. Text here ...

What are winter tyres?

Winter tyres are produced using a different compound of rubber. This compound has more silica in it which means the tyres have more grooves in them that assist with the tyre’s tread. Essentially, winter tyres have more grip on chilly tarmac and icy roads.

Why should I fit winter tyres?

Winter tyres will provide greater traction and grip. This means that you will have better control and braking of your vehicle in icy conditions.

When should I fit my winter wheels and tyres?

Winter tyres work best at temperatures below 7°C and therefore most drivers choose to fit their winter wheels from November through to March. They need not be removed if temperatures rise over 7°C as they will still work perfectly when the average temperature is still 7°C or lower. Winter tyres will perform better than regular ones when faced with ice, rain, sleet and snow.

How much do winter tyres cost?

The cost of winter tyres depends on your car and wheel size. They tend to be slightly more expensive than an equivalent summer tyre but for an accurate quote, contact Hodgson Motor Group.

How do I know what size tyre chains to buy?

Tyre chains are installed around the tyre and will provide you with better traction in snowy or icy conditions. To determine the correct size of chains required, you need to get the width, the ratio of width to height, and the size of the tyre, which are all displayed on the outer wall of your tyres.

Will winter tyres affect my insurance?

The Association of British Insurers (ABI) advise that winter tyres should not affect your insurance premium but recommend that drivers inform their insurer if they choose to fit winter tyres.

Do winter tyres make a difference?

Winter tyres can make a huge difference to the handling of your car in icy or snowy conditions.They offer greater traction, grip and braking performance in temperatures below 7°C.

I have missed one of my Mazda services. What do I do?

If you have missed your manufacturer guided service, get in touch with us as this may affect your vehicle’s warranty. It is important that the servicing schedule is resumed and returned to normal as soon as possible.

Why should I use genuine Mazda parts?

Mazda parts are designed, manufactured and tested specifically for Mazda vehicles. Hodgson Mazda use trained Mazda technicians and genuine Mazda parts to ensure reliability and performance of your vehicle. All our genuine Mazda parts are competitively priced and come with a two-year warranty to give you complete peace of mind.

What is Toyota winter check?

To ensure your Toyota performs at its best over winter, Hodgson Toyota offers a low-cost winter car check with free engine oil top-up. Should replacement parts be required, we only fit genuine Toyota parts that are designed and tested for your vehicle. It’s a great way to guarantee you're ready for every challenge winter throws your way.

Does Toyota sell winter tyres?

Hodgson Toyota has an excellent range of winter tyres designed specifically to improve your safety in colder weather and get optimal performance from your car. Contact our team for expert advice and an accurate quote for your vehicle.

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