Fun & Hodgson Videos

Our Fun & Hodgson playlist gives you a chance to find out more about the services we offer from our Newcastle and Gateshead dealerships, as well as get a feel for life at Hodgson behind the scenes. In this selection of videos you can learn about everything from our aftersales services to the discounts we offer to public sector and emergency services staff. You can also take a virtual tour of our showrooms, so you’ll know exactly which area to head for when you arrive.

At Hodgson, we promote a fun, lively working environment and encourage our staff to get involved with the community as well as finding creative ways to promote our services. As such, you’ll find a range of more light-hearted videos in this playlist, which give you a taste of the less serious side of our business.

Select the video of your choice for details of our services or to enjoy a dose of humour courtesy of our dedicated team.

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