Suzuki Parts & Accessories FAQs

What are the benefits of genuine Suzuki parts?

Choosing to invest in genuine Suzuki parts for your vehicle is important for the ongoing performance and reliability of your vehicle. Designed specifically with the make and model of your choice in mind, these parts offer complete compatibility as well as a manufacturer warranty for added peace of mind. As a result, you can look forward to many miles of quality motoring, all backed by exceptional value for money for your vehicle.

Do I have to use genuine Suzuki parts?

While you may well choose to find cheaper, alternative makes of parts and components, we at Hodgson Suzuki always recommend going with the manufacturer approved options. Although these alternatives are often capable of doing the job, there is always a risk that the production qualities are far less than those of the manufacturer. As a result, you could well find yourself having to replace these sooner rather than later.

What are the best Suzuki accessories?

This very much depends on your own specific needs. For instance, you may be looking to add to the infotainment measures available in your vehicle. Or, perhaps you wish to add storage solutions for family holidays. At Hodgson Suzuki, we simply believe that choosing genuine Suzuki parts and accessories is the only way to truly secure the best value for money.

Where can I buy genuine Suzuki parts?

With a state of the art workshop and knowledgeable aftersales staff, we at Hodgson Suzuki are proud to be able to offer a full selection of genuine Suzuki parts and accessories. We will be able to supply you with any of the items you need for your vehicle and source any that we don’t have in stock to be delivered quickly. Speak to a member of the aftersales department at Hodgson Suzuki today to learn more about our parts and accessories.

Are Suzuki parts reliable?

Yes. In fact, when buying vehicle parts, it always pays to invest in those that have been developed or approved by the manufacturer itself. This is because they can be relied upon to deliver a level of quality that is second to none, due to the fact that they have been tailored specifically for the model in question.

Best Suzuki Swift accessories?

Depending on your own specific requirements - whether they be brake pads, entertainment systems, storage options - choosing the best accessory isn’t easy. However, you can rest assured that all the components we have available at Hodgson Suzuki are among the best around, with peace of mind assured when you purchase for your Swift.

Are Suzuki parts cheap?

The costs of Suzuki parts depends on the model of your vehicle, its age, and the specific component you’re after. Something for one of the newer cars in the Suzuki lineup, for example, should be easily available and thus affordable to buy. For older models and those no longer in production, it may be more expensive to source suitable options due to the lack of availability. Our aftersales teams will be able to advise on the prices for each component.

Does my car insurance cover aftermarket parts?

Car insurance policies vary from provider to provider, meaning that you should always check your policy for full details. You can also liaise with a member of the team at Hodgson Suzuki for more details.

What are the cheapest Suzuki parts?

Pricing for Suzuki parts depends on the specific component you require and the model of vehicle you drive. Speak to a member of our team today to learn more about the various prices available.

What are the best Suzuki Jimny accessories?

This very much depends on the accessories you’re after. The Suzuki Jimny can be complemented by such measures as floormats and luggage boxes, as well as complete entertainment systems and body styling kits. Judging which is best is therefore subjective and down to your own tastes.