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At a glance

Featuring advanced performance, sharp handling and aggressive styling, the new Suzuki Swift Sport is a car that is made to excite. It’s lighter and more powerful than its predecessor, taking its vibrant characteristics and enhancing them with state-of-the-art technology and dynamics that won’t fail to thrill. Available from June 2018, Suzuki’s latest hot hatch is sure to capture the imagination of even the most discerning motorist.


Up front, you’ll immediately notice the more angular bumper and honeycomb grill inserts on the new Swift Sport, which lend a more dramatic note to the styling. The low, wide stance gives the hatch a purposeful attitude, hinting at the power beneath the bonnet, while the 17-inch alloy wheels add a touch of luxury into the mix. Add to that a streamlined profile, dual exhaust and rear spoiler, and you have a car that is sure to stand out.


Stepping into the cabin reveals a sporty theme, designed to complement the exterior perfectly. Red trim reflects the aggressive body styling, while semi-bucket seats mean you feel the speed of this model to its full effect. There’s a true track feel in the embossed ‘Sport’ logos, alloy pedals and sports steering wheel too, ensuring that wherever the road takes you, the Suzuki Swift Sport is raring to go.

None of these elements comes at the expense of comfort though. You and your passengers will be able to travel any distance while enjoying the ample leg and shoulder room afforded by this neat model.


It goes without saying that the new Suzuki Swift Sport features the latest in in-car and driver assistance technologies. A seven-inch touchscreen gives you access to all the car’s infotainment features and enables you to connect up your smartphone and access mobile apps via Apple Carplay and Android Auto. You’ll also be able to keep the cabin at the perfect temperature thanks to climate control.

Driver assistance systems include a handy reversing camera to make parking in even the tightest spaces a breeze, while adaptive cruise control provides an effortless drive on the motorway, enabling you to set a preferred distance from the car in front and keep to it.


A car with performance like the Swift Sport needs comprehensive safety features to support the drive. Autonomous emergency braking takes the lead if a possible collision is detected and you fail to react to the warning signals, while lane correction keeps the vehicle from straying – a particularly useful feature in poor driving conditions. It’s unlikely that you’ll find yourself getting drowsy in this exhilarating model, but should the journey be taking its toll, there’s a drowsiness monitor to remind you to take a break.

It’s not only you and your passengers that are kept protected though; the advanced forward pedestrian detection is designed to spot pedestrians in front of the vehicle and apply the brakes if necessary. This vital feature helps to reduce the potential severity of a pedestrian impact and is especially effective at lower speeds.

Suzuki Swift Sport Car Seat Detailing
Suzuki Swift Sport Front Interior
Suzuki Swift Sport Speedometer Close Up


Performance is, of course, where the Suzuki Swift Sport really shines. You’d be forgiven for thinking the smaller engine wouldn’t produce as much power, but combined with a lighter weight construction and Boosterjet technology, it delivers a drive that is nothing short of thrilling. Producing 138bhp and 230Nm of torque, this is a model that accelerates with zeal and makes light work of cruising.

Whether on city streets or country lanes, the Swift Sport tackles corners with composure thanks to its agile and precise handling. The steering is responsive, making manoeuvres easy, and with strong grip, it’s road-holding is superb. Once behind the wheel, you won’t want to stop.

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