Toyota launching 10 electric vehicles in the next five years

Toyota has revealed that it will build 10 fully electric vehicles “by the early 2020s” in a bid to accelerate customer take-up.

The Japanese car manufacturer says the move is part of its plan to “accelerate the popularisation of battery-electric vehicles”, adding that China will be the first market to get the electric vehicles (EVs), followed by Japan, India, the United States and Europe.

Toyota made the announcement as part of its EV strategy, which will also see every vehicle in the Toyota and Lexus range have an electrified option by 2025. This includes hybrid, plug-in hybrid, fully electric and hydrogen fuel cell models.

The firm wants to reach 5.5 million electrified vehicle sales by 2030, including one million zero-emission vehicles. Meanwhile, it is looking to expand its hydrogen fuel cell line-up throughout the 2020s.

In October, Toyota revealed that it was closing in on next-generation solid-state battery technology that would increase the range and longevity of EVs. It wants to commercialise the batteries in the next decade. Toyota chairman Takeshi Uchiyamada said at the time that the company was “scrambling” to get the technology ready for mass production. Meanwhile, executive vice-president Didier Leroy referred to the advancements as a “game-changer”.

The Japanese car maker also says that it is working on a way to streamline battery reuse and recycling in an attempt to make electrified vehicles more appealing.

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