Toyota ditches petrol engine in Corolla for all-hybrid line-up

Toyota has showcased its commitment to electrified powertrains by ditching the petrol engine offering in its Corolla in favour of a hybrid-only line-up. The British-built Corolla had previously been available with a 1.2-litre petrol engine option, but this has been replaced by two hybrid options in the form of either 1.8- or 2.0-litre ‘self-charging’ powertrains.

The term means that these cars cannot be charged via a plug, but instead rely on recycled kinetic energy to charge the vehicle’s batteries instead.

The former engine pushes out 120bhp, while the latter, 2.0-litre unit deals out 181bhp.

Toyota has introduced two new specifications with the Corolla, too. The first is the GR Sport, which takes influences from the firm’s motorsport division Gazoo Racing. It gets a dynamic look courtesy of a lower centre front bumper section, honeycomb mesh for the front grille and piano black surrounds for the grille and fog lights – among other touches.

Inside, it benefits from sport seats and Toyota’s full infotainment system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

The second new specification to arrive is the Touring Sports Trek. This car comes from a partnership between Toyota and bicycle manufacturer Trek, and gets an SUV-inspired look with plenty of rugged features. It gets a 20mm bump in ride height, as well as black wheel arch mouldings and a new machined design for the 17-inch alloy wheels.

These new models are available to order now, with first deliveries of the GR Sport and Touring Sports Trek expected to commence in January 2020.

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