Parts & Accessories FAQs

Are used car parts good?

When it comes to maintaining the condition and performance of your vehicle, we at Hodgson Motor Group always recommend taking your model to an experienced and seasoned aftersales specialist. As well as having access to state of the art workshops, the latest tools and diagnostic equipment, and experienced technicians, they will also be able to offer manufacturer approved parts and accessories.

For those looking at a cheaper alternative to brand new components, searching for used car parts may prove a better investment. While prices may be more competitive, you should be aware that there will be no manufacturer warranty and there is no guarantee of compatibility with your vehicle.

Are used car parts cheap?

In comparison to investing in brand new parts and accessories, the costs associated with used car parts are significantly lower. However, there are plenty of reasons for this. Primarily, you can never be sure exactly what you’re getting and whether or not the item in question will be compatible with your vehicle. In addition, the longevity of performance may well be questionable, meaning that while the purchase price may seem more affordable, the actual value you’re receiving is of a lesser standard.

What are the best car accessories?

The best car accessories are, in our opinion, those that have been fully authorised and approved by your vehicle manufacturer. So, when it comes to components for your Mazda, choose those approved by Mazda. At Hodgson, we work exclusively with parts and accessories that are manufacturer approved, meaning you can enjoy complete peace of mind over their quality. Plus, with manufacturer warranties and experienced technicians on hand to fit components, you can be certain you’ll be investing in the very best.

What are the best van accessories?

Like car accessories and parts, the very best ones you can invest in for your van are those that are fully authorised and approved by the manufacturer. At Hodgson, our team of technicians work exclusively with those components approved by each manufacturer itself. With manufacturer warranties, guaranteed compatibility, and reassurance that our team will fit all parts professionally, choosing an authorised workshop offers the highest quality.

Are used van parts reliable?

An alternative to purchasing new parts and accessories is to look at used van components. Cheaper to purchase, you can often find a great deal; however, you may suffer when it comes to reliability. After all, pre-owned van parts have been subject to a certain level of wear and tear already, so you may well find yourself purchasing items that do not last as long as you might expect. Similarly, the compatibility may well cause issues.

What does OEM parts mean?

OEM is the acronym for Original Equipment Manufacturer. In essence, this means that the parts in question have been made specifically for the chosen make and model of the vehicle. Offering the very best in performance and reliability, they are among those components we use in all aftersales work.

What are after market parts?

While OEM parts have been made specifically for the chosen make and model, after market parts are those that are non-manufacturer specific. As such, they are often cheaper to purchase, thereby making them a more affordable option. Of course, with the cheaper price comes a lower quality, and you may well find yourself investing in replacements sooner. 

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