Emergency Services & Teachers Offer Vehicles

Mazda2 Ignis
All New Mazda3 S-Cross
Mazda6 Saloon Vitara
Mazda6 Tourer Swift
CX-3 Swift Sport
CX-5 Swift Attitude

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Some of those people in society really are invaluable. The emergency services, for one, are responsible for the safety and lives of every single person in the country in one form or another. Teachers, meanwhile, are responsible for the education and care of the next generation, and are thus among the most integral professionals around. As such, we at Hodgson Motor Group believe that both emergency service and teaching professionals deserve added respect and rewards for their hard work, which is why we’re delighted to offer a range of exclusive deals.

Our selection of vehicles from such leading manufacturers as Mazda, Suzuki, and Toyota offer exceptional performance and value for money. However, thanks to our exclusive promotions, we can ensure that those eligible motorists are able to secure an even better deal.

The current models we have available for emergency service personnel and teachers is listed below, so click through today to learn more. Not only that, but you can liaise with a member of our team today and check your eligibility for the scheme, meaning you will always be able to determine precisely what savings are available. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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