Wave Warrior – Solo Atlantic Row

At Hodgson Toyota, we get the chance to meet some truly incredible people. This has been the case with Ant, who’s recently picked up a fantastic new RAV4 from Toyota Silverlink.

Inspired by his father’s past success and motivated by the desire to raise money for charity, Ant has decided to undertake a huge challenge that few would even consider. The Talisker Whiskey Atlantic Challenge is a three-thousand-mile race from the Canary Islands to Antigua. Ant’s aim is to complete the row solo and completely unsupported.

The row could take up to seventy days and Ant will need to row on a constant two hours on, two hours off loop. Ant will be away from his family at Christmas and he’ll need to bring enough food, supplies, and equipment to last the journey.

“The hard bit is the preparation- I’m just ready to get started.”
wave warrior boat towing rav4

Choosing the RAV4

After choosing his spectacular new boat, Ant needed a car with the capacity to tow it. He chose the RAV4due to its sensible running costs and four-wheel drive. To get ready for his race, Ant also chose to kit his new car out with a tow bar and custom decals.

Rowing Runs in the Family

It was clear to us that Ant is a very motivated individual, something that must run in the family. His dad rowed across the Southern Ocean over twenty years ago in the original Wave Warrior, managing to raise over £120,000 with his team for the RLNI. This staggering amount is a number that Ant intends to beat for his chosen charity Same You, founded by well-known actress Emilia Clarke who survived two brain aneurysms . Same You aims to improve the quality of rehabilitation for young adults with brain injuries, through funding research, working with leading voices in healthcare, and ultimately developing a blueprint for an improved neuro-recovery centre.

If you would like to support Ant, visit his fundraising page. You can also read more about his journey and track his progress by following the Wave Warrior on social media and visiting his website.

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