RAV4 compact SUV

The latest in Toyota’s hybrid family

Toyota’s status as the leading manufacturer of mainstream hybrid cars started with the Prius back in 1997, and the firm hasn’t looked back since. Today there are six in the range, including the latest addition; the RAV4 compact SUV.

The arrival of a hybrid-powered RAV4 is a significant step forward for Toyota, as it extends the manufacturer’s hybrid range to a new class of vehicle. Now, families that flocked to the standard RAV4 for its hugely spacious cabin within a small body can also benefit from more efficient returns.

The car’s hybrid powertrain is just the start of its abundance of technology. The entry-level RAV4 hybrid is the Business Edition Plus grade, which arrives with the Toyota Touch 2 with Go navigation system. A DAB digital radio offers another entertainment option, while push-button start brings the hybrid system to life. A rear-view camera, dual-zone climate control, power boot and cruise control also come at no extra cost.

Toyota RAV4 Compact SUV
Toyota RAV4 Compact SUV

Industry reviewers have already got their hands on the model to put the hybrid system through its paces. What Car? praised the new RAV4 for its comfort on the motorway, noting that it “cruises quietly and steadily, making long-distance journeys stress-free”. CarandDriver.com described the ride as “smooth and well controlled”, while Auto Express highlighted the car’s “sharper styling”.

The RAV4 hybrid comes at the perfect time for Toyota and UK motorists, as demand is growing for SUVs that cost less to run. It is on sale today at Hodgson Toyota in Newcastle, where you can arrange a test drive to experience it for yourself.

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