Toyota Mirai Side Exterior

Next-generation Toyota Mirai unveiled

It’s been six years since the original hydrogen-powered Toyota Mirai was first unveiled and, as everyone knows, six years is a long time in the automotive industry. But earlier this month, the manufacturer was able to reveal the next-generation model of the Mirai - this time showcasing the latest advancements in fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV) technology.

Expected to go on sale later in 2020, this striking four-door saloon was first seen at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show but was given greater prominence at the recent Kenshiki Forum in Amsterdam. Yoshikazu Tanaka, chief engineer of the new Mirai, was effusive about the design of the new Mirai:

“We have pursued the goal of making a car that customers will feel they want to drive all the time, a car that has an emotional and attractive design, and the kind of dynamic and responsive performance that can bring a smile to the driver’s face.”
Toyota Mirai Rear Exterior
Toyota Mirai Back Exterior
Toyota Mirai Front Exterior

With such sleek design features as smooth body lines, 20-inch wheels, a 12.3-inch central display, and a panoramic glass roof, it’s certain to appeal to those seeking a model that exudes contemporary charm.

It is, of course, the hydrogen fuel-cell performance that will truly capture the attention. This innovative system makes use of larger on-board hydrogen tanks, of which there are three - one long and two short. The result is an additional one kilogram of hydrogen in comparison to the current edition, resulting in a 30% increase in driving range.

“I want customers to choose the Mirai not just because it’s an FCEV, but because [they] simply wanted this car and it just happens to be an FCEV,” continued Tanaka. “We will continue our development work focusing on that feeling, and we hope that the new Mirai will be a leader in helping realise a hydrogen energy society.”

Here at Hodgson Toyota, we’re looking forward to discovering more about the new Mirai and its innovative technology, and cannot wait to be able to bring the model to these shores for our customers to test drive and purchase.

Source: Toyota Blog

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