Hodgson are proud to be sponsoring The Great North Dog Walk 2018

Doggy Diary date: Sunday June 3rd

​The Great North Dog Walk is the brain-child of Tony Carlisle and was founded by him in 1990. He has organised the event every year since and 2015 was our " Silver Anniversary "- 25th event. Tony is a former Teacher of Harton Technology College in South Shields and is currently United Kingdom Fundraiser of The Year for the 2nd time. He raised over £7.27 Million pounds for charitable causes and also donated 75 pints of blood and for this he holds the Emerald Award Certificate. The event has been supported by a host of celebrities in the past including Blue Peter, Record Breakers, Newsround, the Big Breakfast television show and more recently, CBBC Children’s TV in March 2013. Click here to view CBBC's Who Let the Dogs Out coverage of The Great North Dog walk 2012.
Great North Dog Walk 2018 Map

Where is the walk held?

The walk is a circular route which both starts and ends where the annual Great North Run ends. Therefore, it's always been a spectacular route to walk with your beloved dogs and make new friends along the way too. You can also easily reach the area using public transport, such as metro or buses.

The event also has alternative routes for pushchairs, wheelchairs, the elderly and older dogs. Tony wanted this event to be inclusive and inviting. It's not about how fast you can walk the Great North Dog Walk but about the unity to do it together. Search Great North Dog Walk website or give them a call for more information about it.

In 2017, event included a spectacular number of 30,114 dogs represented by 185 breeds. Can we beat this number in 2018? Tony believes we can and we'd like to be a part of this record too!

What you need to know before the event?

In order to participate at the Great North Dog Walk, you must register for your FREE entry. Once registered, all you need to do is show up on a day and participate at the event. We can promise a day full of great memories and a lot of fun. Did we tell you we will also be there? Walking the Great North Dog Walk with our little friends, helping Tony to ensure that all dogs get plenty of water and making friends all day long!

Not sure if your dog is ready for it?

There're a variety of great lessons of how to train your dog for the Great North Dog Walk on their website. Our favourites:

Basic Dog Training Tips

Train Your Dog To Come On Command

Boost Your Dog's Confidence

Aerial View of The Great North Dog Walk 2018
Man Celebrating The Great North Dog Walk 2018
The Great North Dog Walk 2018 Man with a hedge dog
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