Embracing the future with good old-fashioned values

Over the past two years the marketing department at Hodgson has worked hard to provide high quality and engaging content for prospective customers, as well as our extremely loyal customers.

Mazda Motors UK, Toyota GB & Suzuki GB have noticed this too. They have used our marketing campaigns as case studies in their workshop events and shared our success stories with the rest of the dealerships in Mazda’s 130-strong UK dealer network, Toyota’s 180-strong network and Suzuki’s entire network.

Out with the old, in with the new?

As technology progresses, new forms of digital marketing are appearing. Quite often these new techniques either don’t take off, or get overused and become less effective. However, high quality video work showcasing the evolution of the vehicle range in action or updates to new models never gets old. 

We've tried to bridge the gap between amateur smart phone videos for social media use and the type of filming you'd expect to see on Top Gear. We’ve been to country mansions, airfields and had countless trips to the beach to capture great content for our customers. We’ve even filmed at 4am on the Tyne Bridge to make sure we beat the traffic!

Why do we do all of this?

To give our customers engaging and high-quality video content of vehicles that you want to drive. It’s important to us that you see the vehicle you are considering buying in your own environment, including where you live and where you will drive. It’s also important that we get out and visit our customers face-to-face and get their real stories on camera.

We like to show real salesmen, quality presenters and real customers (business or domestic) talking to us in their own words about the vehicles we sell. Nothing is more in line with our ethos then letting people feel free to test or cars and make their own minds up.

We’ve also introduced Virtual Tour technology, which takes online viewers into our showroom and enables them to look around our display cars. We recognise that people can’t always get down to a showroom due to their busy lifestyles, or may feel daunted going into a showroom environment for the first time, so this advanced use of virtual reality helps to further aid the research phase of buying cars.

By enabling consumers to browse the showrooms online, get inside our display cars and familiarise themselves with the vehicles in their own time, we feel we’ve not only added a unique layer to the research phase of car buying, but we’ve also made it fun.

So why is any of this old fashioned? In short, we believe good customer service and quality products presented in an engaging and considerate way never goes out of fashion. In an age where technology changes by the minute, the best businesses must evolve constantly, while not forgetting to apply some of the old tried and tested methods at the same time.

You can view all our Hodgson Mazda videos here or on our YouTube channel here or take the Virtual Tours on our website.

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