Free Christmas Draw

Hodgson Suzuki turned 21 years old this year and we want to celebrate with you!

To celebrate our birthday and the lead up to Christmas, we are having a fun giveaway. We had a delivery of Suzuki merchandise land at the showroom and we wanted to spread the festive spirit to our lovely customers.

Recently we hosted a 'Lifestyle Event' to showcase to potential customers how Suzuki vehicles can fit into their everyday life. We had bikes on the roof, wellies and dogs in the boot, sports kit, shopping bags, suitcases, you get the message.

suzuki teddy

Fancy owning some Suzuki Merch?

Suzuki is all about #bringthefun and as you are our REAL customers, we would love to see photos of your activities, your family/pets and your Suzuki in action. Tell us why you love your Suzuki and how it supports your lifestyle and we'll enter you into our FREE prize draw.

Yes? Tell me what to do!

Post your Suzuki 'Lifestyle' photos with your 'why you love your Suzuki' comments on our Facebook page, or Facebook direct message us or even email us on

Winners Announced

Winners announced on Monday 23rd December

Last entry Sunday 22nd December at midnight.

We look forward to seeing our Suzuki family.

Good Luck!

As a glimpse of what you can win, you can visit our Merchandise page here

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