Motability Adaptation Options

The Motability Scheme aims to give disabled road users greater access to a new car. As such, special adjustments and adaptations are offered on a wide range of vehicles. These vary depending on the model's type and size – adaptations for hatchbacks may not be the same as those for saloons. We advise deciding on the adjustments you need before deciding on a car.

Adaptations span three categories:


  • You can name other drivers if you are not able to drive yourself. If you can, but have limited mobility in your hands and legs, adaptations will maintain your control and safety.
  • The accelerator pedal can be moved so that it is under your left foot, for example. Hand grips on the steering wheel and pull/push controls are other options.
  • In some cases, it may also be possible to use the indicators, windscreen wipers and headlights via remote control.


  • The ability to get in and out of your Motability car is vital to making the most of the vehicle. 

  • An electric person hoist would lift you into your seat and back out again, and swivel chairs would also simplify access. 

  • For wheelchair users, flat transfer plates could be available.


  • Increased storage space is a benefit for wheelchair and scooter users in particular.
  • The added room is also handy for shopping and transporting large items.
  • Many cars can be fitted with a roof box if the boot space is not sufficient.
  • Where there is enough load volume, an electric hoist can be fitted to move things in and out of the boot.

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To learn more about adaptations and apply for the Motability Scheme, come to Hodgson Motor Group. A Motability specialist is available at our Mazda, Suzuki and Toyota dealerships.

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