Hybrid Cars

With a global focus on climate change, the development of hybrid vehicles is only increasing. Far from the awkward models that first came to market, modern hybrids are smooth, efficient and powerful – in fact, in terms of performance, you’d hardly notice the difference from a conventional car.

At Hodgson Motor Group, we’re delighted to introduce motorists to cleaner driving. We stock the full selection of Toyota hybrid vehicles, each of which benefits from cutting-edge engineering to ensure a more efficient and environmentally friendly experience. With the all New Corolla & RAV4 on sale soon with all new Hybrid Engines that match performance and low emissions, the future looks bright for us.

But what is a hybrid and why should you choose one?

We've answered some of the key questions people ask about Hybrid and we've also provided some videos from customers who made the switch. There's also some fun videos from Smooth FM's Break fast and Drive time hosts and from Steve Furnell (Metro Radio) who is a bit of a petrol head.

If you have any other questions - give us a call or contact us. After all, we're Hybrid Experts.

What is a hybrid?

A hybrid car combines two separate power sources to propel it. A petrol engine is paired with an electric motor to provide nippy performance and slash emissions.

What is a self-charging hybrid?

Toyota is something of a specialist when it comes to self-charging hybrids. These models don’t need to be plugged into an electric charging point in order for the battery to recharge. Instead, every moment that you’re in motion, the battery is charging through technology such as the Regenerative Braking System, which recovers energy that would otherwise be lost and stores it for later use.

What types of car are hybrid?

Thanks to Toyota’s 20 years of experience with hybrid technology, many of its models are available with this powertrain. You’ll find hatchbacks, crossovers, saloons and SUVs all with the self-charging hybrid engine.

Why choose hybrid?

With hybrid car sales reaching over 10 million worldwide, it’s clear that the benefits extend beyond kindness to the environment. One great reason to choose a hybrid is that you’ll enjoy significantly reduced fuel costs. Many hybrids can run on pure electric power for a limited number of miles, enabling you to save fuel on shorter journeys, which translates to fewer stops at the pumps.

Another benefit is the instant torque. Electric motors deliver maximum torque instantly, meaning many hybrids and EVs can zip away from the lights quicker than conventionally fuelled models.

Going hybrid with Hodgson

If you’d like to explore our range of Toyota hybrid vehicles, get in touch with us today. Our sales advisors will be happy to show you the available models, talk you through the particulars and take you for a test drive.

Click on the linked sections on this page to find out more or feel free to call Hodgson Toyota in Newcastle or Gateshead to speak to one of our specialists. We look forward to helping you on your way to greener motoring.

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