Personal Contract Hire

At Hodgson we have Toyota, Mazda and Suzuki models on offer with different types of car finance in Newcastle and Gateshead. One of the most popular ways to lease a car is through Personal Contract Hire.

It works by giving you access to a car for the duration of a contract period. You never actually own the car, but you make monthly payments – essentially it’s a long-term rental agreement.

At the end of the contract you simply hand the car back to us or swap it for a new model.

This is an affordable way to get behind an upmarket car that might otherwise be out of your budget. The amount you pay each month is fixed and you can also take out maintenance packages to spread the cost of servicing the vehicle.

You should bear in mind that there is usually a mileage limit with Personal Contract Hire and if you exceed this limit you may have to pay more at the end of the contract period.

Personal Contract Hire

To find out more about Personal Contract Hire in Newcastle and Gateshead, enquire online or by phone to speak to a member of our specialist team.

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