Which Finance is Right for Me?

One of the biggest advantages of buying or leasing a car on finance is that you have so many options. Some plans give you the opportunity to purchase at the end, and on others you return the vehicle with no further obligations. It may also be possible to part exchange the car on finance for another.

The types of finance you can select at Hodgson include:

  • Hire Purchase
  • Personal Contract Purchase
  • Personal Contract Hire

The variety of agreements available ensures every motorist can find an affordable solution to help them acquire the vehicle they want. Hire terms in particular are appealing to business customers who would prefer not to list the car as a company asset. Interest rates are often lower than comparative rates on traditional loans.

In most cases, you will decide the agreement length, deposit amount and mileage at the outset. Being able to pay a higher deposit could increase the number of vehicles available to you, or result in lower monthly payments.

We give you more information on each of these plans online to help you make up your mind. Take your time browsing and comparing car finance options in order to get the best deal.

Advice is always offered by the car finance experts at every Hodgson dealership. For a new Toyota, Suzuki or Mazda on finance, please contact your closest team.

Types of Finance at Hodgson
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