Welcome to the Hodgson family

When Hodgson Motor Group was first set up in 1959 in Seghill by Les Hodgson, it was with a very particular aim: adding value to our region, the great North East.

So why do we do it? Because people are the most important thing of all and nothing can beat helping people achieve what they’ve aspired to do.

Our People


Whether it’s a customer or employee, we believe people are ambassadors for our brand. The only way this can be done is by treating people with respect, honouring your word and giving them all the support we possibly can.

The Proof

Our values mean longevity, we build relationships with everyone we come across and want to make those last. That’s why we’ve got a number of employees that have been working with the company for decades, we’ve given them the best treatment, not restrained them and they’ve repaid that with loyalty. As we all want to be connected, this is our most powerful achievement to date.

The Hodgson Mazda Newcastle service desk.

Our Values


We value personality at Hodgson, and we show that most with how we treat our employees. In an era where things are becoming more and more uniform in the name of efficiency and saving pounds, we’re encouraging our people to go in the opposite direction: express yourselves.

You see, we know you don’t just want a good price, you want a dealer you can trust, a dealer that actually connects with you. So we hire people we feel fit into the company’s values well but bring their own flair to the table (or floor, in our case!). In short, there’s showroom support for everyone through real interaction and real personality.

That’s why we don’t have strict showroom dress codes or bother with cliché sales scripts, we’re here to help the people that want an experience, and know not everyone is after the same thing.


This really comes with our complete service, but is best explained in conjunction with our price. The figures you see attached to cars or on adverts are what we actually sell at: no hidden costs, no unmentioned extra charges, no unwelcome surprises.

Mutual Respect

It doesn’t matter who you are, where you come from, where you work in the company: we’re all equal. And that’s how it should be. We value this respect incredibly highly, as it’s the only way to form true long-lasting relationships - which is THE foundation for our business.