Putting The Customer First

Every company says this, but we can actually prove it!

Fitting in with your needs

We’ve always prided ourselves on our excellent customer service record, but a little while back, we felt there was something missing in our aftersales process that was stopping it from being even better. After a big team meeting and speaking with a range of our customers, we realised that the missing piece was always staring us in the face: aftersales is all about you.

At this point, whenever we booked in some form of servicing, we always unwittingly put our priorities first. We’d think about what time we’d have to allocate to the task, who we had that could perform the ‘fix’ (and their availability) and when we’d have it ready.

Changing the process

So we changed it up and started asking the right questions.

  • What do you need doing?
  • When do you want the car back?
  • When would it be best for you to pick the vehicle up?

From there, we’d then work it into our schedule. To top it all off, when we say a car will be ready to go by a certain time, we mean it’ll be ready for you to drive off by then; and that includes the paperwork!

As an example, if you’ve got the afternoon school run and need to leave the centre by 2.45, the time we give you is the time you’ll be in the car and on the way to where YOU need to be.

The attention you deserve

Need your car back on the day?

In same-day cases, we give your vehicle a 'super priority' status. As a result, your car gets the special treatment to make sure we never fall behind on meeting the time we committed to. When your car goes in for repair, it’s allocated a name and time tag. Why do we do this? So your car is always visible.

With its big red sign, everyone at the company can see your vehicle needs to be somewhere soon! That means it’ll never get stuck behind someone else parking in front of it, for example. A member of staff will see the sign and understand the car’s journey can’t be at all compromised. But, in the unlikely event that red tag does get missed, we’ve still got your car’s whole day mapped out on our system. This means it really won't ever get left behind and, even more importantly, will still be ready for when you need it.

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