Toyota Silverlink Team

David Lowes, General Manager at Hodgson Toyota MetroCentre & Silverlink

David Lowes, General Manager at Hodgson Motor Group, is perhaps the most familiar face to new and existing customers who have walked through the doors of either of the MetroCentre & Silverlink branches of Hodgson Toyota.

Apart from the actual members of the Hodgson family, David is the longest serving member staff in the entire company. He joined Steve Hodgson and the company in the late 1970's as an apprentice at the original location in Seghill.

Fresh out of school, enthusiastic and keen to succeed David worked through every department and learnt every trade and process in the automotive industry. His dedication and hard work from the very first day has been one of the key drivers in the success of Hodgson Motor Group and why it's where it is today.

David's role as General Manager over both the Toyota dealerships as well as Hodgson Mazda & Suzuki is crucial to the direction of the entire company. The ethos of promoting within, training staff and working to the highest standards of customer service all come from David's endless drive to be the best and make customers keep on returning time after time, year after year.

Although his legacy can clearly be seen, you'll not find David in his office with the door closed. Instead, he can be found on the forecourt, the showroom, in the service area or in parts making sure everything is working like clockwork. He's firm but fair, yet everyone who works for Hodgson knows that he's always on hand to give good advice and share his wealth of knowledge no matter what position you may be in the company.

Jack Hodgson, Sales Manager at Hodgson Toyota Silverlink

Jack is a recently promoted Transaction Manager at Toyota Silverlink. He came to Hodgson as a Sales Executive with experience from a range of different industries and has applied them to the motor trade. He's the dealership whizz kid so you'll often find him solving the various technical problems for the team and customers.

Jack explains, 'this industry is a great because of the potential to create loyal and satisfied customers who keep coming back to you for their needs. Especially at Hodgson, where customer comes first no matter what and they have such excellent customer retention.'

Jack’s favourite Toyota is the RAV4 Hybrid. ‘It’s just extremely nice to drive.’ confirms Jack. He possibly thinks that his new favourite Toyota will be the C-HR though as it looks incredible!

Luke Loasby, Sales Executive at Hodgson Toyota Silverlink

Meet Luke -  the cheerful Sales Executive at Toyota Silverlink. Luke has been working for Hodgson Motor Group since 2013 and started in the Parts department before moving to Sales in April 2016. He has always had a passion cars and really enjoys working for Hodgson because he believes the company has a great team spirit with the right mentality towards customer service.

Before his role at Hodgson Motor Group, Luke travelled and lived in Spain for 7 years. As well as enjoying the endless hours of sunshine he worked various roles from running a bar to working on luxury yachts. Nice for some!

Luke's favourite car? 'I change my mind on this like I change my underwear. However, at this moment in time, I love the new Land Cruiser in the Silverlink Showroom. Though I should really say the Toyota Yaris, as that's what I drive,' laughs Luke. Dream big Luke!

Steve Caton, Sales Executive at Hodgson Toyota Silverlink

Steve is another long-serving member of the Hodgson team. He has joined Hodgson Toyota as Sales Executive 9 ½ years ago and have been working in the motor trade for the last 19 years. Steve enjoys the motor trade because it is incredibly diverse and evolves on a daily basis. 'The opportunity to meet new people every day is incredible,' he admits.

On his day off, Steve likes to watch football, eat out with friends and go to music gigs.

Steve's favourite car - RAV4 Hybrid. He says it's an amazing car because of the smoothness of the drive as 4x4.

Gareth Hindle, Sales Executive at Hodgson Toyota Silverlink

Gareth Hindle is another well-respected Sales Executive at Toyota Silverlink. He has been working in Car Sales since 2012 and every day appreciates the opportunity to meet a lot of different people. Gareth admits he gets a great deal of satisfaction from helping someone in the purchase of their new car. 'It's something special,' he says. 

When Gareth is not at work, he likes to spend his time with the family and visiting new places.

Gareth’s favourite car – Toyota RAV4 Hybrid. The drive is effortless and the combination of power and efficiency is great!


Andrea McCoy, Service Advisor at Hodgson Toyota Silverlink

Andrea joined Hodgson Toyota Silverlink team in August 2009. She has always worked in a customer facing job role, however, Hodgson was her first experience in the motor trade that she absolutely loved! Even today Andrea believes that she can talk to customers and explain things in a non-technical way. Something everyone loves - to hear things in the language they speak.

She loves working at Hodgson because it is a family based company - the atmosphere working in a big group of people who support each other is great. Furthermore, Andrea loves dealing with people. 'Sometimes it can get challenging,' she says, 'but I find it quite rewarding.'

When Andrea is not at work, she enjoys spending time with her family or friends and looking after her gardening.

Emma Mallaburn, Business Centre Assistant at Hodgson Toyota Silverlink

Emma has joined our Business Centre at Toyota Silverlink after working at Hodgson since 2014. Emma appreciates her job and the opportunity to meet so many different people as well as working alongside all the shiny new cars, which she gets to see first!

Like so many, Emma is now taking on more responsibility and working with the Toyota Silverlink team more. 'It's nice to feel like you're on a bit of a journey at Hodgson Motor Group, it feels like being part of a big family.'

Her favourite car at the moment is the Toyota Yaris. ‘I own a Yaris, so I know I am bias, his name is Harris and he is Awesome’.

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