Suzuki Silverlink Team

David Beaman, Sales Executive at Hodgson Suzuki

David is another one of our longest serving members of staff. He has been working at Hodgson since 1993! Once a Valeter at the original Seghill Garage, David worked his way up to become one of the most successful salesmen with Mazda. Today, he works with Suzuki as a key member of the team and you'll be sure to hear his hearty laugh.

David enjoys working for Hodgson because of the company’s loyalty and very fair and caring attitude towards the staff. 'Over the years they have been very kind to me and when you have worked for someone a long time that really counts when you need it. It's nice that we also have customers who have been with us as long as I have, therefore you can tell we treat our customers the same way,' says David.

When he is not at work, he loves to play golf and go walking. At the moment his favourite Suzuki is the Vitara-S which is tempting him daily in the showroom.

Dominic Hammill, Sales Executive at Hodgson Suzuki

Dominic joined Hodgson in January 2015. Before Hodgson, he has been gaining his experience in retail, working for such brands as John Lewis.

Dominic moved to motor trade, looking for a career path and a job that would allow to progress and would have a perspective. Today, Dominic is happy for making this change in his life and joining Hodgson Suzuki because it’s an honest family business with core values. He says, 'it’s sad that some people don’t take advantage of what we offer as it’s a big difference from a big franchise.' 

When he is not at work, he likes to go mountain-biking but he’s also making a return to one of his oldest passions – playing the drums. Don’t fancy being his neighbour!

Alan Higginbottom, Sales Executive at Hodgson Suzuki

Alan joined Hodgson in March 2016. He actually started as a Sales Executive at our Mazda Metrocentre dealership before joining our Suzuki Silverlink team.

Before Hodgson Motor Group, Alan worked for Arnold Clark for three and a half years and previous that, he worked as Financial Advisor for over 40 years. Today, Alan brings a wealth of experience to the team especially with regards to helping customers make the right decisions on the sometimes tricky world of finance.

'In comparison with my previous dealership, I believe Hodgson is a better company to work for. The atmosphere is more relaxed, people are treated like people, you can afford to be more laid back from time to time as long as you meet your objectives and do your job to the best of your ability. In turn this is felt by the customers that we talk to – as they don’t feel pressured. This is really important and goes against the negative perception of car salesmen,' admits Alan.

When he is not at work, he likes to listen to rock music and is a massive fan of going to live concerts – he’s got tickets to 4 rock concerts in the area for this and next year already on the fridge!

He was once a keen golf player, however, golf and the motor trade didn’t work well together as he was never at home.

Andrew Plant, Aftersales Manager at Hodgson Suzuki Silverlink

Andrew, Aftersales Manager at Suzuki Silverlink branch, has got an incredible bag of knowledge to share with his colleagues as well as customers. He has been working in motor trade for over 37 years, starting as apprentice technician in 1979 and moving onto Technician, Service Advisor and Service Manager over a period of 19 years. He has joined Hodgson Motor Group in December 2003 and never looked back.

Andrew enjoys motor trade because it is always changing, which makes it very interesting and challenging! What Andrew likes about Hodgson Motor Group is the fact that it still remains a family run business, built on honesty, trust and integrity. You are treated as an individual and given the autonomy to make decisions for your own department.

Lyn Howey, Service Advisor at Hodgson Suzuki Silverlink

Lyn is a Hodgson Suzuki treasure and joined the company in 2006. There is no doubt that anyone who has ever came through the doors to Hodgson Suzuki will have met Lyn. Forever happy and forever there to help anyone, she's the heartbeat of the service desk.

Lyn started in the motor industry 27 years ago working for her father's business delivering car radiators to garages around the North East. This is how she became known to Mr Hodgson and one day looking for a change, she decided to take Mr Hodgson up on his offer of joining the team.

'I have the best job at Hodgson. I basically pick up and deliver brand new cars to people. I also pick customers up from their homes when they need a service and take them to and from the dealership. I love it. Mostly because I love talking to people. So it's customer service with a smile and you get to make lots of friends all day!'

There's more too - Lyn used to be a ballroom dancer entering competitions doing the American Smooth, Latin and of course the waltz. Nowadays, Lyn loves to read and go to the cinema to watch the big blockbusters.

Graeme Oetting, Parts Advisor at Hodgson Mazda Silverlink

Graeme joined Hodgson Motor Group 14 years ago in 2002 as Parts Advisor. Before Hodgson, he gained his motor trade experience as Mechanic Apprentice for 2 years. He originally started in Hodgson Toyota and joined Mazda & Suzuki Aftersales department in 2006 so he knows a great amount about all our vehicles.

When you ask Graeme what he likes about Hodgson, he gives no second thoughts and confidently replies, 'it's a family business with great core values, loyalty and honesty.'

When he is not at work, he likes to play football outside with his friends or have a good game of FIFA on his X-box.

Throughout his work career, Graeme travelled abroad twice - in 1998 and 2016. Both times he want to Turkey as a family trip and incredibly loved it!

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