Hug of Reassurance Logo

Here at Hodgson Motor Group, we’re proud to have been able to introduce a Hug of Reassurance to help each and every customer enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that both before and after the purchase of a vehicle, they are provided with the utmost care and attention. As a family run organisation, it’s our aim to ensure only the very best levels of service are provided, so the development of this logo and its stated aims and ambitions have been designed to provide you with all the reassurance you need.

The design of the logo was one way in which we at Hodgson were able to engage our customers even further. We were delighted to offer a prize to the designer of a logo that perfectly suited the principles of the Hodgson Hug of Reassurance. With over 30 submissions, we were happy to name Bill Taylor - a past customer of Hodgson Mazda - as the winning designer, providing a £200 Red Letter Day prize.

Speaking of his winning design, Mr Taylor said: “It was really quite simple, actually, I knew to focus on the hug so drew a man hugging a car. Hodgson have a pentagon in their logo so it made sense to draw someone with a pentagon-shaped head! We kept the ‘H’ for the nose as that’s the style of the stickers they put on the car windscreens – I just wanted it to be nice and simple, nothing for people to work out.”

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