Cash For Kids

Cash for Kids responds to the needs of children in our communities so they can live life to the full and realise their individual potential.

Based across 22 areas in the UK, at the heart of people's favourite radio stations, they support children aged 0-18 who are disabled, disadvantaged or suffering from abuse or neglect.

At Hodgson we've made it a precedence to give something back to both our staff and also the North East Community. Whether it’s through donations or hosting workshops for students, to creating training opportunities for our staff, we like to help in any way that we can.

We focus on centralising our Charity efforts with Metro Radio Cash For Kids. As as business we already actively contribute to several different campaigns throughout the year such as Cake Bake Days, Christmas Jumper Day and directly for campaigns such as Cash for Kids Mission for Christmas for Toys.

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We are extremely lucky to have some really great proactive staff members that always take time out and help on charity initiatives and we decided as a business to group together all our efforts and directly help children in our region, with our own ‘Hodgson’ projects with Cash For Kids. Projects we can directly help to choose and make a difference through our own efforts be that raising money or donating our time or resources.

Cash For Kids is an amazing charity with equally amazing people working there and with an almost impossible job of trying to help as many children and parents as possible. What is so important to mention is that Cash For Kids gives 80p of every £1 to the people who need it most. Secondly, we can help them to deliver all money raised directly to local children in Gateshead & Newcastle.

Hodgson is committed to doing this is two ways.

1. Great North Run 2018

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We have some really exciting events being finalised that we involved with from regional sporting events, to showroom events and more. The first to tackle is the mighty Great North Run.

Four keen (and over 40 years of age) runners from Hodgson Motor Group have taken this years CASH FOR KIDS challenge of Running the GREAT NORTH RUN. Now in training Micheal Friberg, Danny Jarvis, David Hill & Stuart Moody are all slipping on the CFK vests and aiming to raise £1500. Please Please help them if you can. The Veteran runners have started the training and are currently dusting the cob webs off their running kit as we speak. There will be buckets in showroom and sponsorship forms floating about until the race so please help if you can!

As always if you fancy joining in on any of these events give us a call or email the Marketing Department

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2. Toyota Fund For A Better Tomorrow

2018 submissions underway TBC

We've kick started our work with Cash For Kids through Toyota Fund For A Better Tomorrow. This is a wonderful scheme whereby Toyota GB helps support local projects in their dealership network to give back and make a difference in the communities that are situated in.

Hodgson's marketing department have been working with Cash For Kids and have selected two very different projects to support, one in Gateshead and the other in Newcastle to cover both dealership areas. Selecting just two out of the many was a very tough decision as all of the funding applications are so deserving of help. Again another part of the near impossible task facing those working at Cash For Kids - everyday.

The Toyota Fund for a Better Tomorrow was established in 2012 to enable Toyota GB and our dealers to provide small grants to charities, schools and community schemes.

Toyota Always a Better Way

Over the past 3 years, Toyota have supported over 200 projects and donated grants totalling in excess of £350,000. This investment has helped set up environmental gardens in local schools, created wildlife and conservation sites, encouraged technical and engineering education for young people as well as supporting road safety awareness programs.

Since September 2015, through the Toyota Fund for a Better Tomorrow, Toyota (GB) PLC has supported many organisations. There is a criteria that has to be fulfilled but Hodgson are very proud to have been given access to these funds for both projects.

We'll keep you updated on those projects as and when they happen.

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