Know your parking from back to front.

Make parking ultra easy with our ultra-sonic sensors.

Relax - you're in safe hands.

Avoid unnecessary bumps and scrapes by fitting Toyota parking sensors - either front or rear or both. So when you're squeezing between cars, into a small spot or avoiding low bollards, the ultra-sonic sensors will let you know you're getting close.

No More Parking bumps and bashes.

Fitting parking sensors wont just help you t keep your Toyota looking food; they could also cut out expensive repairs and insurance claims for knocks and scrapes, as well as the inconvenience of having a damaged car off the road.

Trust Toyota

Our Parking sensors come with a 3 year warranty. Plus you can be assured that your car will only be fitted with genuine Toyota parts, by highly trained toyota technicians. if you use your car for towing, just ask and we'll fut a cancellation switch during installation.

Save £100

For full parking confidence install both rear and front parking sensors and receive £100 off the total fitted price.