Hodgson MOT Offer

At Hodgson, we care for your Toyota.

It’s important to keep on track with your car maintenance. Not only to ensure that the car meets the national standards but to assure the safety of your own and your beloved ones. Every car, more than three years old, has to pass the MOT test at least once a year. This examination will ensure that the car meets at least the minimum road safety and environmental standards. The MOT test is the only way you can be sure that your car is fit to be on the road and a valid certificate allows you to get tax and insurance.

Don’t be afraid of the MOT test. As long as you look after your car in the meantime, it’s an easy step to confirm your car is as good as new. For a limited time only you can book your MOT test with any Hodgson Toyota dealership for the special offer price of just £35 (regular price £54.85).

Don’t wait and book your MOT now! You can contact us by phone or simply book your service online here: Book a service