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Hodgson Motor Group has always been at the forefront of providing local business vehicle solutions and fleet options to many Start Up, SME and Blue Chip companies as well as to the public sector such as the NHS and NFU in the North East region.

As a business owner, the benefits of contract hire and leasing are numerous and we appreciate the importance of enlisting a practical, reliable and cost effective solution to your business' motoring needs. However, customers also need consistency, which is why we are proud to have had the same dynamic team working for us for over 10 years dedicated solely to new and existing business customers.

Angie Dent - Business Centre Manager

Angie is renowned in our region for her loyal custom based and rightly so. Her savvy experience and personal approach has meant that she knows how to navigate the sometimes tricky world of optional maintenance packages, tax benefits, depreciation risk and how to work with fixed monthly payments to allow for budgeting.

At Hodgson Toyota we have a variety of vehicles across a wide range. There are countless options on small to medium category vehicles, on Hybrids to LCV vehicles such as Hilux and Proace, which all have varying performance capabilities to match your personal business requirements. We even have 1 of only 25 Toyota LCV business specialists dedicated purely to vans and trucks.

Angie Dent Business Centre Manager

How Can Angie Help you?

Angie and her team can help you with all elements of managing your fleet, whether that’s one or two vehicles or over a dozen. She’ll help identify the right vehicles to meet your needs, secure competitive monthly payments and develop a tailored maintenance package to keep your business on the road. Having worked with so many different businesses over the years our Business Centre know how to make the process as smooth as possible.

It’s probably likely that you have an idea about what you need already but if you are just at the enquiry stage then we’re here to help answer any questions you might have or assist you if you need clarification on certain model specifications.

Although you can find almost anything these days online we still believe that business is still best conducted face to face and you really can’t experience a vehicle quite like being in front of it or test driving it. In other-words don’t be scared to pop in to your nearest dealership if you’re passing.

We’ve made it as easy as possible to get in contact with us too – either:

Call Toyota Newcastle, Silverlink 0191 2950101 directly

Call Angie Dent on her Mobile 07771 837154

Send her and email

OR simply fill out our online enquiry form here and we’ll be back in touch ASAP.

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