Cash For Kids Mission Christmas at Hodgson MetroCentre & Silverlink

Let's help to make disadvantaged North East children's Christmas morning special

At Hodgson Motor Group, we are one big family and we wish to keep it that way. We help each other and we always put our efforts together to support those in need in our beautiful North East region. This time we are proudly supporting MetroRadio Cash For Kids mission to ensure that Santa comes down the chimney of every child's house this Christmas and leaves them a magical surprise.

There's 4 million children who live in poverty across the whole UK and to our own deep sadness Christmas is a luxury they can't afford. We, together with MetroRadio Cash for Kids, encourage you to join us for this good cause. All we ask you to do is buy that one little extra present thinking about a little child, a baby that was recently born or a young adult taking their first steps towards independence. A simple gift to make them feel special and spread happiness & love.

Why should you help?

  • To make a child's Christmas special
  • To give something back to your community
  • To be someone's secret Santa
  • To spread some festive goodwill

Don’t forget that everything raised locally - stays local, so you can be sure that your gift donations will directly benefit a local child! Let's shake up & wake up the happiness, it's Christmas time!

What you need to know before delivering a gift to our drop-off locations?

We're looking for new and unwrapped gifts suitable for children and young people aged 0 to 18 years. We need as much help as possible to make a difference to the children in the North East on Christmas Day!

Where can you drop-off your presents?

Location Nr. 1: Hodgson Toyota Silverlink

Location Nr. 2: Hodgson Mazda Silverlink

Location Nr. 3: Hodgson Toyota MetroCentre