'We'll offer you the very best deal possible as we know you'll want to get and honest and accurate valuation on your car.

Don't be fooled by 'online' valuations that only give you a basic price based on the age and "perceived" value of your car. We'll fully assess it and check it over with our own eyes!
Call us now and we'll give your car the attention it deserves.'

Mr Steve Hodgson.

*Vehicles that qualify must be up to 7 yrs old & less than 60,000 miles



  • This is where we gather all the information about your current vehicle.
  • We look at your full-service history, discuss any bumps or major accidents.
  • Enquiry about the usage of the vehicle, commuting, social use or business.
  • Whether the car has had any modifications, extras or changes made to it.


    Walk Around – We always perform a full inspection of the vehicle to check:

  • Bodywork for rust, scraps, scratches, dents, paint defects.
  • Tyres for wear, alloys for scratches or chips, mud guards missing or damaged.
  • Upholstery, seats, roof lining, foot wells for tears, stains, odours.
  • Cabin materials / dashboard woods or plastics for scratches or marks.
  • Test Drive – A short test drive is always required to check:

  • Overall performance and dynamics, such as steering, gear changes and clutch etc.
  • Electrical checks on windows, features, Sat Nav, buttons, lights, indicators, Air Con.
  • Mechanical checks on moving parts, doors and of course convertible roofs etc.
  • For noises, rattling, whistling or any other irregular sounds that occur whilst driving.

    We appreciate that you’ll need the most realistic value for your vehicle and that's why we use ‘Experian Autocheck’ to give you the most accurate about your car.

    • owner details
    • outstanding finance checks
    • fraud reports
    • provenance valuations
    • mileage checks
    • owner details
    • information on specifications and parts


    Hodgson are renowned for giving clear transparent valuations. The culmination of all the above helps us to arrive at the best financial offer and valuation for your vehicle.

    In some cases, we even offer you a higher valuation depending on your new vehicle choice and therefore provide you with the best options moving forward on your purchase journey.

    Make it Easy For Yourself