Used Mazda cars in MetroCentre and Newcastle

At Hodgson Mazda, we have got a wide range of nearly new and approved used Mazda vehicles. All our nearly new and approved used vehicles go through a detailed Hodgson vehicle check and we ensure that the car meets the high requirements of the company. We want to provide you with the car that is as good as new.

At Hodgson, every car is a new car and together with it comes the Hodgson’s Hug of Reassurance. Just like a family member, we’re here for you no matter what, and you can speak to us about anything, especially if a situation changes. We are here to help you throughout your car journey in any situation.

Our fully-trained Mazda sales team is able to find you the car that fits your needs and offer a deal to match your budget. A new car does not have to be an expensive purchase anymore.

Use our 'Used car search' tool to browse online or contactour competent sales team. The stock changes on a daily basis and they might be able to find you the car you've always wanted!

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