Mazda Finance

Hodgson Mazda provides the complete range of stunning new Mazda cars. To help you decide on and purchase a model, several flexible car finance plans are available. These are likely to cost you less than attempting to buy outright with a loan. Predictable monthly amounts give you support in managing your motoring budget.

Select the Mazda MX-5, all-new Mazda3, Mazda2 or any convention-defying new model and begin the car finance comparison. It is reassuring to know that the monthly payments and interest rate will typically be fixed for the full length of the agreement.

Three common and competitive types of car finance exist:

  • Personal Contract Hire (PCH)

PCH is a method of using and enjoying a Mazda without the associated costs and risks of ownership. You never have to worry about the car's value depreciating, and at the end of the term you simply hand the vehicle back.

  • Hire Purchase (HP)

Spread the cost of purchasing a Mazda with competitive monthly payments. You make a deposit at the outset, and being able to increase this may widen the pool of vehicles you can choose from.

  • Personal Contract Purchase (PCP)

The varied choices and adaptability of PCP agreements makes them consistently popular. You pay off the difference between the current and future values of the vehicle. A Guaranteed Minimum Future Value (GMFV) or 'balloon payment' is deferred to the end, giving you the option to purchase.

More information and guidance on Mazda car finance can be sought from your local Hodgson Mazda teams. We are based in Newcastle and MetroCentre – email, call the sales team or pay a visit to your nearest dealership to discuss your requirements.

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