Mazda Service Plan in Gateshead & Newcastle

The Bill for servicing your vehicle, like any bills, usually come just when you don't need them...... but did you know that at Hodgson you can now spread the cost of your servicing into convenient affordable monthly payments?

Most people spread the cost of their other household bills so why not do this for your vehicle servicing as well?

The Hodgson Service Plan allows you to budget for all your servicing requirements by spreading your payments over a period of time that is convenient to you. It is an easy way to enjoy stress free motoring and it also comes with some unique extra added benefits.

What is a Service Plan?

The Hodgson Service Plan lets you spread the cost of your servicing and essential car maintenance and save money over a number of years, by paying monthly by direct debit just like you would pay your usual household bills.

How much is a monthly payment?

This will depend on your specific requirements and we can provide you with a free quotation. This monthly price is calculated based on your annual mileage, what you choose to include in the plan and time required until your next service or MOT.

Will this save me money?

Yes. All future costs accounted for by your Service Plan are calculated at today’s prices with discounts already applied. So not only do you save on the retail price today, but your cars servicing will be inflation free for the duration of the plan. Contact one of our advisors and we’ll show you exactly how much you could save.

What if I change car or move away?

If you change your car any money remaining in your fund can be transferred free

  • of charge to a new Hodgson Service Plan for your new car. If you move, you can use your Hodgson Service Plan at any Hodgson Centre across the North East. However, if you move away you can cancel your plan and we’ll transfer any remaining funds to you.
  • What can I save?

Many of our Service Plan customers are already saving hundreds of pounds on an Hodgson Service Plan and maintaining the value of their car by having it serviced at a franchise dealer like Hodgson using trained technicians and genuine parts. Contact us today for a free quotation.

Servicing your car has never been more affordable or easier!

If you are interested in the Hodgson Service Plan please contact one of our Service Advisors at Hodgson Mazda where our friendly staff will be pleased to assist.

*Courtesy car subject to availability

Call Hodgson Mazda MetroCentre on 0191 461 5277 or Newcastle on 0191 295 0099 today.