Hybrid Car Benefits

There are many benefits to owning a hybrid-powered car such as the models Toyota has been manufacturing for years. As an official Toyota dealer we know a lot about them, and we explain the main benefits below.

Hybrid Car Benefits

High fuel economy, low emissions

Two of the main benefits of hybrid powertrains are higher fuel economy and lower emissions. As electric power is combined with a petrol or diesel engine, these vehicles consume less fuel. You won’t need to fill up as often, and as combustion power isn’t used as frequently, the amount of CO2 that is produced is also less.

You can save money in the long term
Hybrid cars may have a higher list price because the technology is so sophisticated, but you could actually save money in the long run. You will spend less on fuel, and government incentives such as road tax exemption mean even bigger savings.

They hold their value well

Hybrid cars generally hold their value for longer than a combustion-powered equivalent as there are fewer on the road, but demand is growing. This means you can part-exchange a hybrid and upgrade without paying as much on top of the car’s value. You can also charge more if you decide to sell it privately.

Power is delivered instantly

Don’t let the technical figures fool you – hybrid cars are agile movers. The system is highly responsive as torque is delivered as soon as you press the accelerator, whereas a slight delay is sometimes felt in combustion cars.

Hybrid Car Benefits

They offer an extra source of power

Hybrid vehicles have the added benefit of acting as an emergency power source should you ever break down. For example, you can keep a phone charged to call for assistance.

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