Hodgson Motor Group in Newcastle and Gateshead

As Individual As You Are

For over 50 years we have strived to keep you, the customer, at the forefront of our activity.

As a long standing family business our reputation for honesty, integrity, trust and fulfilling promises has remained at the heart of all we do and our overriding aim is to deliver a quality of service to every customer, ensuring the Hodgson experience exceeds every expectation.

Our ongoing success and development over the years has been exceptional, indeed we have rejected numerous opportunities to develop in other areas in order to concentrate here in the North East where our roots lie. Hodgson, a North East family business (in itself a rarity these days) focused on looking after quintessentially the North East motoring public. However, this success has only been possible because of our dedicated hard working people ‘The Hodgson Team’ and, of course, you, our loyal, much valued customers.

That’s what family is for, right? It’s all about support. It's all about people.